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The next chapter of one of Nashville’s best and most iconic eateries has begun. Second-generation owner David Baldwin has officially handed the reins to Crosby Keltner. The Pancake Pantry has been loved by generations of Nashvillians for great food and friendship. Under Keltner’s new ownership that will continue to happen for the next generation of Nashville regulars and our tourist friends. Baldwin chose Keltner because of their shared management styles and appreciation of what the Pancake Pantry has become after more than 55 years of serving up the best pancakes you can find this side of grandma’s kitchen. So join us for the uncommonly good food, great service and friendly smiles you’ve always known.

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about-sepia_drpshadFounded by my family in 1961, the Pancake Pantry has been a Nashville tradition for generations of families. I began learning the ropes as a ten-year-old, and at one time or another, the rest of my family has helped build the business as well. I’m often asked about our ingredients. We make frequent trips to the hills of East Tennessee to retrieve the specialty group flours used in our pancakes and waffles. We make our batter and our syrups fresh each day from secret family recipes. Many of our employees have been a part of the Pantry since my childhood. They’re invaluable experience is a major contributor to our success. In the truest sense, we are a “mom and pop” operation. We strive to keep our traditional past alive while cultivating innovative ideas to make the Pantry the best. We feel the same way about our customers. We cherish our long-time “regulars” and always look forward to meeting our newest customers.

about-david-bLike my father, I am involved daily in the operations of the Pantry, guaranteeing that you will always find the best food, friendliest service, and memorable times. So, please relax and enjoy our hospitality. You are always welcome at our home.

Eat More Pancakes!
~ David Baldwin (2nd Generation Owner from 1988-2017)

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