23 Varieties of Scratch-Made Pancakes at Nashville's Pancake Pantry
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Pancakes for Goodness Sake


Take one look at the line that wraps around the building each morning and you'll get an idea of how integral the Pancake Pantry is to the culture of Nashville. Since 1961, we've been serving scratch-made pancakes and much more to visitors and locals alike in the Hillsboro Village neighborhood. We start every day bright and early at 6 o'clock in the morning, offering our full menu with 23 scratch-made varieties of pancakes, fresh-cooked eggs and omelets, waffles, and even sandwiches and salads. 


Serving Pancakes (and more) Daily!



Monday - Friday: 6am to 3pm
Saturday - Sunday: 6am to 4pm


1796 21st Avenue S
Nashville, TN 37212




Parking behind the Pancake Pantry is free, but you MUST obtain and place a receipt on your dashboard.  You may obtain a receipt from the machine at the entrance to the lot.  Press 1 for 1.5 hours of free parking if you're dining with us.

Nashville's Pancake Pantry - Since 1961
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Pancake Cam

We don't take reservations, so when you arrive, just hop in line. There's no need to check in - we'll seat you as soon as you get to the front of the line!

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Events & Catering


Pancake Pantry offers breakfast catering along with private event rentals outside of our regular store hours. Learn more about delicious breakfast catering and private event options below!