Frequently Asked Questions


+ Do you take reservations/call ahead seating?

Customers are seated on a first come, first serve basis.

+ Do you serve Gluten Free pancakes?

For the safety and well being of our customers, we do not serve gluten free products.

+ Can you make accommodations for specific allergies?

It depends on the allergy. All of our batters have dairy and wheat ingredients. However, we are able to accommodate nut allergies.

+ Can you accommodate large parties?

Absolutely!! While we do not have a private room or section for large parties, we can seat up to 12 people to a table depending on how busy we are.

+ Do you share the same menu as the Pancake Pantry location in Gatlinburg?

Though we get our flour from our cousins in Gatlinburg, our menu options, pricing, etc are not the same. We each are independent companies. Click here to visit their site

+ Is there parking provided?

There is parking available on the streets surrounding the restaurant, as well as a parking lot located behind our building. This lot is owned by H.G. Hill Realty and is shared with all the businesses in Hillsboro Village.

+I received a parking ticket. Who do I contact?

The lot is managed by Value Parking. Click here to visit their site.